At least one person is in police custody following the theft of close to a dozen firearms along with ammunition from Radar Security and Supplies. The incident occurred between 10:00hrs on Christmas Day and 18:30hrs on Monday at the company’s Carmichael Street, Georgetown office.

Allegedly stolen are two single-barrel shotguns valued at $950,000; four 9mm Taurus Pistols valued at $1,400,000; five Taurus .32 pistols valued at $1,425,000; 25 12 gauge cartridges, 538 .32 ammunition, and 18 9mm rounds of ammunition, all property of the firm.

Radar Security and Supplies’ office is located in the middle flat of a three-storey wooden building. There is an office to the western side, which has a wooden door to the eastern side, secured with a manufactured Yale lock. In the said office, there is a steel ‘strongbox’ where the security firm secures firearms and ammunition. That box is secured with two padlocks. Inside the strongbox, the firearms are chained and padlocked with three padlocks.

At 18:30 hrs yesterday, a 65-year-old Weapons Training Officer (WTO) visited the location and met an on-duty 57-year-old Security Guard. The WTO observed that the door to the office was open. He then entered the office, where he observed that the padlocks on the strongbox were cut off and the chain that secured the firearms was also cut. The mentioned firearms and ammunition were nowhere to be found.

Only two other shotguns were left in the strongbox. The WTO then informed the owner of the security service of his findings.

Detectives who later visited the scene observed that the padlocks and chain were indeed cut. The two shotguns were removed from the strongbox and lodged. The office was checked, but there were no signs of breakage.

The 57-year-old security guard was questioned, and he claimed that at 17:00hrs on December 26 2022, he took over duty from a 36-year-old security guard from Paradise Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, who handed over the key for the said office that housed the strongbox.

The 57-year-old guard said he did not check the office door, nor did he go into the office. He was arrested, and a search was carried out at his home, but nothing was found.

Checks were made for the 36-year-old security guard at his stated address in Paradise, but no one was seen at the house. The home appeared to be abandoned.

The WTO was also arrested and questioned, and his home was searched, but the mentioned items were not found. He is presently in custody.

Investigations are ongoing.


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