Two women were arrested on Tuesday night as police try to connect the dots in the murder of a well-known businessman who was shot and killed while closing his place of business on Boxing night.

A source close to the investigation revealed that based on information received, the two women were very close to the deceased, 41-year-old Shimron Adams.

When asked whether the two are persons of interest in the investigation, the source said that the two women were arrested for questioning and as such were reluctant to provide further details.

Meanwhile, the source said that two male suspects are still being sought by the police. The duo reportedly wore black surgical face masks, and one was armed with a handgun during the incident.

The area was canvassed for CCTV cameras which captured when the suspects went to the said business place and left on a black and white XR motorcycle. The suspects escaped south onto Chapel Street, west onto Princess Street, and south onto St Stephen’s Street, Charlestown, where they were last seen.

According to a 29-year-old woman who shared an intimate relationship with the now deceased businessman, at around 21:30 hrs last night she went to Adams’ business place, where she consumed alcohol. She said that at the time, the deceased had a gold finger ring and one gold band with a small bag hanging on his shoulder.

At about 23:30hrs, the deceased closed his business place and started to pack items in a freezer. About ten minutes later, at about 23:40 hrs, the deceased opened the shutter for them to go out from the bottom flat.

At that point, two suspects entered the building through the said shutter and ordered them to lie on the ground, and they complied. The unarmed suspect then took off the businessman’s gold band and finger ring and ordered him to get up, which he did. The suspect then held onto the businessman’s shoulder bag and pulled at it, but Adams continued to hold onto the bag to prevent the suspect from taking it.

The suspect, who was armed with the firearm, discharged a round at Adams, which struck him to his right abdomen and exited through his right side in the vicinity of his groin. The businessman then released the bag and fell to the ground helplessly while bleeding from the gunshot wound. The suspect removed the shoulder bag, picked up the businessman’s phone and the cell phone from his 29-year-old female companion, and made good their escape through the shutter.


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