The Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) is calling for strict action to be taken against parents who assault teachers. Its call comes in wake of two teachers attached to Graham’s Hall and St. Angela’s Primary being attacked while on duty. The incidents occurred 24 hours apart.

GTU President Mark Lyte said the incident involving St. Angela’s teacher and a parent today left the former with marks on her body. There are also reported injuries to other staff members.
“The medical practitioner hasn’t pronounced on it but we are seeing scars, her face is swollen. The security guard as well has been injured and other staff members who tried to intervene, they have injuries too,” Lyte said.

The injured teacher was reportedly rushed to the hospital, treated and discharged. The GTU President called on the Ministry of Education to take the attacks on teachers seriously. He noted that certain protocols must be put in place immediately to avoid further attacks.

“This is becoming too frequent, where teachers are being assaulted by parents and guardians, and it is something that has to be addressed forthwith. So, we are going to continue to make the call to the Ministry to take decisive action,” He said.

Meanwhile, GTU General Secretary, Coretta McDonald wasted no time to condemn the assault on the teacher. “If we are to debar parents from doing what they are doing then we have to be consistent with our calls, and we have to take stern actions against these parents. We can’t do it for one parent and not do it for another parent because of their so-called statuses,” McDonald said.

Chief Education Officer Saddam Hussein was quoted saying, “When parents or guardians are engaged in violent acts against teachers, it goes against established values, norms, and expectations. We cannot beat teachers and then ask them to teach our children peaceful conflict resolutions.”


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