This means that the corporations are now authorised to offer apprenticeship to persons interested in welding.

This will go a far way in equipping persons with the necessary skills to be gainfully employed in the oil and gas industry, as well as prove useful in industries such as aviation and construction.

BIT will uphold the responsibility of overseeing these programmes for quality assurance.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, handed over the certificate to the General Manager of the DHBC, Wayne Watson during a simple ceremony at the Ministry of Labour’s boardroom.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton handing over the certificate to General Manager of the DHBC, Wayne Watson (left)

The minister emphasised the importance of the BIT programmes, as they equip persons with the opportunity to enhance their skill sets.

He said the programme plays a key role in adding skilled persons to the country’s workforce. The minister advised them to teach as many women as possible to work in male-dominated areas.

BIT’s acting Chief Executive Officer/ Secretary, Ms. Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, certified Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation and Guyanese Manganese Incorporated as masters. (Department of Public Information)


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