Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Lewis said she has been residing in the dilapidated house in a “terrible condition” for over nine years.

Lewis’ old house

The woman explained that due to the uncomfortable living conditions, she was prompted to contact the MoM and the natural resources ministry for assistance.

“I got on to the men on mission and they come forward… Me and my three kids are living there and it’s very uncomfortable right now,” Lewis explained.

The team began constructing the new structure aback Lewis’ old house on March 2.

Ongoing construction of the new house for the Lewis family

Meanwhile, the Chief Inspector of Wismar Police Station, Mark Lyte stated that they are seeking further assistance from the corporate society to push the home-building project.

“Ms Lewis would have made contact with several persons within the community. She eventually reached out to the police, along with the Minister of Natural Resources and the permanent secretary. Through this project, about two weeks ago, we came and laid some blocks. We also donated another set of blocks for the construction and the wood for the roof,” the chief inspector disclosed.

Ongoing works on the new house

He noted that the team is motivated to help vulnerable families and also reaffirmed the ‘One Guyana’ vision, which speaks to the inclusion of every Guyanese in development.

“We are working on a ‘One Guyana’ theme from the Men on Mission to make every Guyanese feel comfortable and loved by the members of the community and the government,” he noted.

The police inspector added that despite Lewis’ situation, her son is an ‘A’ student at the Mackenzie High School.

“We’re happy about that despite the situation that she is living, she is still making an effort to ensure her children have a proper education and making sure they are on top of it.”

Men on Mission, Sandra Lewis and her children

To date, approximately 40 houses have been constructed through the MoM initiative, while another 50 houses will be built in 2023. The Men on Mission which is the brainchild of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, is an initiative that seeks to combat toxic masculinity by fostering a good environment and a safe space for men, as well as fostering integrity, productivity, and accountability, through mentoring and humanitarian engagement. (Department of Public Information)


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