The latest case of school violence, which led to the hospitalization of a teacher and student in Region 10, has increased fear to a considerable degree among members of the teaching fraternity, in particular the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU).

Earlier this week, a teacher and a student were attacked by a gang of men that invaded the school looking for a student who had an altercation with another child. The incident occurred on Monday last.

Reports are that the student was secured in a classroom as the door was under heavy guard by a concerned teacher and students. That teacher was reportedly assaulted by the gang that gained entry into the building.

Students and teachers staged a protest on Tuesday condemning the attack but to date, no arrest or a statement from either the police or Ministry of Education has been issued.

While there has been a prevailing issue of school violence within the last six months, General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) Corretta McDonald believes that without a public condemnation of these incidents from the level of the administration, she fears that it will only get worse.

“Enough is enough. We now have gangs invading schools and attacking students and teachers. It is a sad and unfortunate situation. I applaud the teachers and students for condemning this action but again, I reiterate that it baffles me that the Ministry of Education is sitting down and watching all this occur,” McDonald said.

McDonald told Guyana Standard that there is a dire need for a policy change with regard to who can have access to schools. She was also perturbed as to how persons are gaining access into schools with security personnel on the ground.

“The security of these institutions is of grave importance. These are children who are left into the care of adults. If we can’t protect them against outside elements who seek to cause havoc and terror in our school system then what are we doing? This is an issue that needs the attention of the police,” McDonald outlined.

She concluded that union members are expected to meet to discuss the way forward to on the foregoing issues.


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