Police are investigating an alleged robbery under arms of an undisclosed amount of cash committed on Eureka Medical Laboratory and two male security guards.

The robbery occurred on Tuesday at about 23:45hrs by two unidentifiable males.

According to one of the guards, on the date and time mentioned, he was in a guard hut at the front of the lab while the other guard was in a hut on the eastern side of the building.

The man said he was approached by one of the suspects who pointed a gun at him and instructed him not to press the panic button.

He was then taken out of his hut and the same was repeated on the second guard, after which they were both forced to open the building.

On entrance, the perpetrators ordered the guards to take them to the boss’ office, where they were ordered to lay face down on the ground.

The were zip-tied and told to be quiet.

The perpetrators then carted off a metal safe making good their escape in a white Toyota IST motorcar bearing number plate PPP 4592, which was parked on the eastern side of Thomas Street facing north.

Statements were taken and investigations are ongoing.




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