With a mere five days remaining until Guyana’s highly anticipated Local Government Elections (LGE), Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo is once again imploring voters of the Georgetown municipality to cast their ballots in favour of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). The General Secretary believes the PPP deserves a long-awaited chance to lead, especially after a staggering 57 years of opposition control over the Georgetown Mayor and City Council.

During an interview yesterday, Dr. Jagdeo addressed the prevailing situation of a “one-party rule” in the city while lamenting the prolonged neglect of critical duties by the opposition that currently controls the council. Highlighting the current council’s failure in executing essential duties such as road works, a responsibility that has been shouldered by the Central Government, Jagdeo asserted that the PPP has already demonstrated its capability to fulfil the functions required under the city council and deliver on its promises to the residents of Georgetown.

Expressing concern over the limited voice and exclusion of PPP representatives in the council, Jagdeo sought to urge the people of Georgetown to evaluate the party’s track record at the national level. He encouraged residents to reflect upon the comprehensive promises outlined in 2020 and witness the significant strides already accomplished in their realization.

In a plea backed by resounding conviction, he said, “And we can do the same in the city. Just give us one chance to do it.”

In contrast, leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, has issued a call to city voters to withhold their support for the PPP in the upcoming LGE.

During the party’s ‘Alliance on the Move’ television programme, Ramjattan acknowledged mounting complaints regarding the hardships faced by citizens across the country. He said these have been no doubt exacerbated by the escalating cost of living, as well as high rates of unemployment and underemployment. As the Central Government, Ramjattan contended that the PPP has failed to effectively address these pressing issues and is undeserving of votes.

Ironically, however, the AFC has chosen to abstain from participating in this year’s LGE, casting a peculiar shadow over their call for change.


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