Since assuming office in 2020, the PPP/C government has taken several steps aimed at improving the education sector. One of the notable achievements recently highlighted in this regard by President Irfaan Ali is the school feeding programme which currently benefits 87,634 students. Among them, 42,735 students receive juice and biscuits, 29,691 students are provided with hot meals, and 15,208 students receive breakfast.

This programme aims to address the nutritional needs of students, ensuring they have the energy and focus to excel academically.

President Ali also shared that the GOAL scholarship program has granted scholarships to nearly 17,000 students thus far. This initiative opens doors for talented and deserving students who may face financial barriers to pursue their education. Additionally, a specialized course in teaching reading and comprehension has been launched in partnership with the University of West Indies. This course will enhance the skills of 1,500 teachers, equipping them to deliver quality education in these critical areas.

Ali emphasized that $8.5B was allocated to the Because We Care grant for 2023 alone and furthermore, a comprehensive five-year strategic operational plan has been developed to address the needs of students with special needs education.

Additionally, significant investments have been made in textbooks, with $3B expended to date. By the end of this year, all primary and secondary school students will have access to a minimum of four textbooks per student, further enhancing their learning experience according to Ali.

President Ali also highlighted the successful training of 4,213 teachers to use the new curriculum at the primary and nursery levels. By the end of this year, an additional 700 teachers will have completed this training, ensuring effective delivery of the new curriculum across schools, he said.

Another important aspect mentioned by President Ali is the expansion of the Guyana Learning Channel. To enhance and broaden its coverage, 91 solar systems have been installed, allowing for increased access to educational content. Additionally, 1,353 lessons have been developed and broadcasted, facilitating equitable learning opportunities for students throughout Guyana.

He outlined that all of these initiatives demonstrate his government’s commitment to investing in the education sector and providing an inclusive and high-quality education for all Guyanese students. These initiatives and developments are crucial steps towards building a brighter future for the nation, where education plays a central role in driving progress and individual success.


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