EPA preps teachers through environmental workshop

...set to infuse environmental education in main subject areas
Education News

Intended to be a launching pad for teachers to motivate their students to engage in positive and informed environmental activities, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently concluded a three-day workshop for educators.

The forum represented EPA’s Ninth Annual Environmental Education workshop which was held at Camp Alpha on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.

Sixty-four trainee teachers and lecturers of the Cyril Potter College of Education’s six centers: Anna Regina; Vreed-en-hoop; New Amsterdam; Linden; Georgetown (In-service); and Turkeyen (pre-service) participated in this stimulating and engaging experience.

The goal of the workshop was to enable participants to utilize a variety of methods to successfully infuse environmental education into the main subject areas of the school’s curricula. The main subject areas are: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and English Language.

The natural setting of the workshop served as a constant reminder and learning tool for the indispensable benefits the environment provides. It also supported a fun and interactive learning process and equipped teachers to effectively engage in environmental education in support of the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS).


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