There have been significant improvements in the education sector but there is still additional work to be done. This was the notion amplified by Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry, as she delivered remarks at a meeting for Heads of Department and staff from across the Ministry.

At the meeting held at the National Cultural Centre yesterday, the Minister delivered remarks and made certain observations about her Ministry which she believes are crucial to improve the sector as a whole.

Among these, she stressed the need for programme heads to recognise their role to lead from the front and be cognisant of the importance of the work being completed within specific timelines.

At this juncture, Minister Henry reminded that the sizeable amount awarded to the Ministry in the 2019 budget was made possible because programmes heads requested these funding to undertake specific tasks and it was imperative that they execute these works that the monies were set aside for.

Moreover, the objective of yesterday’s exercise was to review the performance of the Ministry in 2018 and to project and improve moving ahead in 2019. The areas reviewed were the Unit of Allied Arts, the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD), the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector, the work done by the Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO) – Administration, the Assistant Chief Education Officer (ACEO)-Primary, and the ACEO-Nursery.

The Heads of Department who presented at the meeting were: Ms. Lorraine Barker-King, Administrator- Unit of Allied Arts; Ms. Ingrid Trotman, Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO) – Administration; Ms Viola Rowe, Principal- Cyril Potter of Education (CPCE); Mr. Patrick Onwuzirike, Assistant Chief Education (ACEO)-Technical; Ms. Jennifer Cumberbatch, Director- NCERD; Ms. June Ann Gonsalves, ACEO- Secondary; Ms Carol Benn, ACEO-Primary (Ag); and Ms. Samantha Williams, ACEO-Nursery.


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