Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry, today visited the logging community of Ituni in Region 10 and interfaced with residents to gain an understanding of what some of the issues affecting them are and how the Government of Guyana can work with the community to alleviate them.

The meeting was held at the Howell Wilson Primary School and was attended by teachers, students, parents, and residents of the community. From the outset, the residents expressed their satisfaction for the visit by the Education Minister.

When Henry took the floor she said that it was important that she hears from persons not only on educational matters but on any issue that might be affecting them. Minister Henry moreover assured that she will undertake to address these issues mentioned in an expeditious manner.

On education matters, resident Curth Murphy sought the Education Minister’s intervention for the establishment of a secondary top at the Primary School. Murphy said that he believes this will assist the community tangibly with a view of addressing the dropout rate in the community. Additionally, the head teacher of the Primary School, Ms. Yvonne Nazier made representation for a school bus for the community.

Nazier explained that upon completion of primary education some children because of the distance they have to travel to get to school outside of the community, normally stay with relatives or friends in the area closest to their schools.

The Headteacher posited that this takes away from the bonding between the parents and the child and in addition to reduced monitoring of teenagers at an age where parental supervision is integral. Another matter that the residents sought to solicit the Minister of Education’s intervention is for the acquisition of additional trained teachers for the schools in the community.

In response, Minister Henry assured the residents that all their concerns will be addressed and said that she will have discussions with the technical officers to explore the possibility of having a technical and vocational facility in that community to train and up-skill the youths of the community.

Meanwhile, the Education Minister also handed over two computers with the accompanying accessories, one each to the Ituni Nursery School and the Howell Wilson Primary School. In addition,Henry donated a supply of books to the Community Library.


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