A jury was unable to arrive at a verdict in the trial of 37-year-old Dexter McIntosh, who is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. State Prosecutors Teriq Mohamed and Mandel Moore are contending that on January 01, 2015, McIntosh engaged in sexual penetration with the underage girl. The prosecution’s case is that McIntosh is known to the young girl as she would usually travel in a minibus on which he worked as a conductor.

According to the prosecution, on the day in question, McIntosh went to the girl’s home at around 11:00hrs and called out for her. When the girl came outside, he dragged her to an abandoned house where he had sex with her. The girl’s father noticed that she was missing from the house and went in search of her. As the man walked down the road calling for his child, McIntosh was seen sprinting from the location.

The girl’s father gave chase after the man but was unable to apprehend him. The child told her father what McIntosh did to her and a report was filed with the police. The rape accused was later arrested and charged. During his trial, the prosecution called a number of witnesses. Following a summation of the evidence by Justice Jo-Ann Barlow, the case was put to the jury for deliberation on a verdict. The jury was unable to arrive at a verdict. In light of the foregoing, McIntosh will have to face another trial for the offence.

This trial was heard at the Sexual Offences Court in Georgetown.


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