A second probe ordered into the mysterious death of 19-year-old Sasia Adams—who died after allegedly jumping from a moving vehicle, has been delayed due to suspicions of evidence tampering.

Police ranks had charged Adams’ boyfriend, Rick Sewcharran with manslaughter just days after her death. The young man claimed that the deceased jumped from his car as they were heading to her East Street, Georgetown home.

After Sewcharran was charged, the then Crime Chief, Paul Williams ordered that the case be reopened and thoroughly investigated after additional information surfaced. There are suspicions that one of the investigating ranks tampered with evidences.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that key evidence which would have resulted in the suspect being charged with murder rather than manslaughter was omitted from the case file. This allegedly includes bloodstains on the deceased’s bedroom curtains.

Not only is the case being investigated again, but ranks are trying to pinpoint which of their colleague tried to tamper with and omit evidence.

Media reports had noted that Adams died as a result of blunt trauma. While her injuries are similar to those sustained by an accident victim, it is more consistent with that of someone who had been struck in the head with an object or had their head bang against a wall.

Additionally, the fact that no abrasions were found on her body led investigators to believe that she was injured in her home.

Adams’ family members claimed that her boyfriend told them two versions of how the woman met her demise. One includes her jumping from his car and the other is that the victim fell at home and hit her head.

One of the woman’s relative had said, “After we get the news and we went to her home, there was wet paint on the wall, and that wasn’t there before. We believe the two of them had a fight and he held onto her and bang her head onto the wall, and maybe sometime later, he painted over the spot.”

The suspect and the victim had been dating for two months.


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